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A few words about us

2016 Our PhotoLeveling the playing field

Though Chappelle & Associates re-started operations in 2015, we actually began in 1985 after the IBM PC was born. As small businesses began to take advantage of the low cost computing power to document and store business data. At that time, the main software that was used by businesses was spreadsheets and databases, such as Lotus 1-2-3 (the mother of Excel) and databases. Dbase II and III was popular at that time.

With his small business marketing consulting background with IBM General Systems Division and his passion for small business, he began to consult with small business in Tulsa.

He extolled the virtues of utilizing customized database systems designed to fit their specific needs; after he had a thorough understanding of the processes used, and the information needed, he designed a system that captured data at the source of its creation, whether an invoice, purchase order or some other transaction document. From these daily transaction entries, the system would automatically print invoices, purchase orders and produce reports that helped owners and managers make better business decisions.

In today's high tech and extremely competitive business environment, Chappelle & Associates has re-emerged to level the playing field between large corporations and small business. Creating a cost effective, comprehensive and easy to use business applications abound to provide small businesses with tools that provide efficiency and a clear path to profitability.

We are here to eliminate the fears of harnessing technology that can transform small businesses into formidable contenders for the piece of the pie that they deserve.

Finally, our business model and daily operations are designed to promote customer service and we strive to inculcate the same virtue into the business model of our clients as well.

Our future plans

Our aim is to maintain and advance our unique style which is already a big hit amongst our growing client-base. We’ll continue to stay abreast of current and future trends in the industry. We’ll also look into more result-oriented partnerships with local business owners and schools around to create an opportunity for high school and college students to get on the job training with business and technology. We plan to develop innovative new techniques in the near future which will help us achieve more excellent service delivery.

what we offer

Diagnostic Assessment

We really do listen to our clients, we don't just say that we do. We talk about and clarify the why of being in this business. We ask questions to understand the mindset, and the business as well as personal goals. We clarify not only the benefits of accomplishing those goals, but the level of urgency for action.  Our focus is the primary needs discovered.

We review the current business model and marketing strategy, existing processes, including functions, responsibilities and technology in place to determine strengths, weaknesses and areas that need to be improved.

Strategic Planning

Because we are solution oriented, we research the industry for new trends and technologies that could be a factor in determining an overall strategy for success. We analyze the information that we have collected, both from the client and from secondary research to determine the best solution. We develop a detailed strategic plan including clear goals, process infrastructure improvements, marketing strategy, technology improvements, as well as an implementation and training strategy.


With the agreement of the client, we schedule and assist in assigning responsibilities, the procurement of necessary technology, implementation and training. We will provide on-going support as well as monitor client progress so that we can understand current and future needs. Our main focus is providing measurable improvements, not just selling a product.

our team

  • Charles H. Chappelle

    President, owner and founder, Charles H. Chappelle graduated from Tulsa University, Tulsa, Oklahoma with a bachelor’s degree…

  • Jenny L. Chappelle

    Administrative Director and avid ambassador for small business. Ms. Chappelle graduated from Ottawa University, now in Overland…