Goal Driven Focused Strategy

Clarity is an absolutely essential ingredient for you to achieve your full potential in business. Napolean Hill, in his classic book Think & Grow Rich, said "Whatever the mind of man can conceive and believe, it can achieve." He goes on to explain why having a clear definition of what you want to achieve is a critical factor in your success.

For business owners who truly want to be "on purpose" for success and take their business to the next level, they must determine exactly what results they want to achieve and when they want to achieve them. The key word here is "exactly".

Most business owners in the small/medium market spend more time working in their business than on it. They struggle to break the daily routine and succumb to the "not enough time" conundrum. In comparison to their counterparts in bigger businesses, they do not have the resources, professional development, or systems in place to break out.

Without goal clarity, employees don't know what you want to accomplish to help you achieve your goals and will substitute their own (goals) in place. Marketing strategies lack effectiveness without a clear objective. Processes used to perpetuate vital business functions will be ineffective.

Clarity starts with you, the business owner, and gets to the heart of why you are a business owner and what the business will do for you as an individual. Like money, business is means to something else. It allows you to do what is important and purposeful. Clarity allows passion and purpose to align and become a means to overcoming obstacles and achieving new heights.

In order to overcome obstacles and achieving new heights, Clarity acts as a guide and provides milestones that tell you whether you are on track to achieve your objectives.

Clarity makes for easier and better decisions. Good decisions are made by following a process or framework. Great decisions are a function of how clear the objective is. Lack of clarity breeds options, at some point developing options wastes resources, with no way to determine which option delivers the most value, a cause for indecision.

  • Clarity leverages internal and external resources empowering others to act, innovate, and offer solutions that support the vision and goals. By sharing clear goals you change the equation for problem solving and innovation from one-to-many (aka top down) to many-to-one (frontline empowered). The result is exponential growth in organizational horsepower (the ability to do work, solve problems, and move toward the vision or goal) as you involve a greater and more diverse group of people.
  • Clarity reduces conflict and stress, improves efficiency. We can all use a little help here. A common challenge in business is balancing resources with work. Typically, there is more work than there are resources. Conflict arises, causes stress, and requires intervention (management) to resolve. Clarity provides the basis of a self-governing process that reduces conflict (prioritizing the work by amount of return on goal/vision) and the need for management (the system for determining which resources will be deployed to achieve the targeted outcome) is lessened.
  • Clarity greatly enhances your ability to find and retain the right people. People are the backbone of any organization. Hiring the right people for the right job and having the right diversity of people has proven to be more important to success than an idea. The easier and more clearly you are able to articulate where you want to go and what you want to achieve, the more powerful your appeal as an employer. People who are inclined with the same values and purpose will be attracted to your company.

Any business can say, “We provide GREAT customer service. By simply providing more definition and then sharing it with your company you increase the horsepower of the organization. Your people can work toward the specific definition you have given GREAT. Not only will they value Clarity, they will help you figure out the best ways to deliver on your definition of GREAT.