Digitalization is dominating our world of today. If you look around your workspace, you will probably see two or more laptops, an iPhone and a tablet. Also take a look into the office next door, you will still find another laptop and smartphones. This is a similar picture I always see whenever I look around.

Many small businesses are using their online presence to their advantage, they connect with new and existing clients in new and diverse ways. But, for some small business owners, creating and setting up an online presence is a very hard and tedious task.

In this post, we’re going to be looking at what an online presence is and how much it’s helping small business to grow.


An online presence simply means your business presence online (anywhere it can be searched for and found online). An online presence for your business is your business’s website, online memberships in directories, social media profiles, and other places on the Internet where potential clients can find you. It is an identity you’ve created for your business on the Internet.

How much can an online presence help small business?

  1. An online presence establishes trust and boosts your credibility

According to the survey carried out by Weebly, an online website builder, more than 55% of consumers don’t have confidence in a business that doesn’t have an online presence (website). Remember, consumers who don’t have trust in your business are more likely not to become customers.

Creating a website for your business will make it more trustworthy and appealing to a wide range of consumers.

  1. An online presence allows your business to have a voice

Setting up a website gives you the access of having a voice for your business on the internet. If the communication of your business is effective, your site can say a lot about what your company offers.

Additionally, the Internet allows you to have a conversation with your clients about your business. You can quickly respond to their complaints and positive comments on your website review section.

  1. Having an online presence can enhance your client experience

Ensuring that you satisfy your customers usually helps in preventing negative online reviews. This is why it’s important to set up a website that can act as an ambassador for clients when you can’t do that physically.

Most companies have created an amazing customer experience that can only be found online, and their business has greatly succeeded because of it.

  1. Online sale is on the increase

Nowadays, online sales and E-commerce is highly increasing, and this will continue. A recent research from Forrester shows that America online retail sales will get to over $500 billion by 2020. This will increase from $373 billion in 2016.

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