Ongoing Support

The Chappelle & Associates approach to customer service is to make it as painless for the customer as possible. We strive to make the experience effortless. We want to make sure that the customer gets what was agreed upon in a timely manner and have any problems or challenges resolved quickly. Our objective is to resolve our customer’s issues at the first point of contact.

Our internal processes and entire internal infrastructure is designed with customer service as a vital component. Customer service issues are personal to us and we make sure that our associates are committed to our mandate.

Our staff is empathetic, trained and knowledgeable about our products and services, as well as web resources. They are not limited by time metrics for performance considerations. The objective is to fine the solution to our customer’s problems.

Our primary objective is to have the kind or relationship with our customers that enable proactive support so that we can identify and resolve issues before they become a problem. Our attitude is that it is imperative that we understand your goals, the strategies, processes and technology in place. We can do that by keeping an open line of communication through face to face, phone and the systems that we use to make sure that nothing falls through the cracks.

Customer Service Components

  • Onsite assistance
  • Phone service with a callback option rather than long hold times
  • Email contact
  • Searchable frequently asked questions
  • Online service ticket tracking