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Associated Parts & Supply has a legacy AS/400 system that they have used for over 30 years.
Their concern was that if the system fails, especially the IBM 5256 printer, they are out of business. They were also concerned with lack of support for the legacy system. Frank, the owner of Associated Parts & Supply had received quotes from IT companies for $50,000 and $70,000 to upgrade to a new PC compatible server and networked workstations.  The AS/400 had never failed, The 5256 printer had never failed, but some of the terminals had failed.
Chappelle & Associates listened to Franks concerns and what was most important to him. He didn't want to undergo the task of converting to a whole new system. The hardware would not be much of an issue, but the custom software installed does what is needed and everyone is familiar with it.

Chappelle & Associates agreed to add the terminals, install a later model printer and provide any ongoing support that they needed.

Frank, owner of Associated Parts & Supply and Charles with Chappelle & Associates agreed that at some time the legacy system may need replacing. When it does, Chappelle & Associates is standing by to manage the project. Because of the efficiency of the Chappelle & Associates business model, the new system, including implementation and training will be done at a fractions of the cost of a system from other providers.

Welcome to Associated Parts & Supply

Some of What We Offer:

  • Selection of fractional hp motors
  • Window A/C Units
  • PTAC'S
  • Garbage Disposals
  • Biggest Selection of Capacitors
  • Major appliance parts
  • Ductless mini splints
  • Air King Fans
  • Heating and AC Equipment
  • and much more!

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