Review all C&A emails accounts

To review each account, go to Google, sign out of the of the default account and sign into the account to be reviewed. After reviewing each email, determine the necessary action to take on the email.

Delete Email

Some emails will just need to be deleted. For those emails that need to be deleted, clicking on the trash can at the top of the page while in the email will delete the email. If you know that the email is to be deleted before opening the email, check the box next to the email and click the trash can at the top of the top of the page.

Save Email to Folder

Some emails will only need to be saved under in an email folder. To save an email, click on the folder icon at the top of the page and begin to key the folder where the email should be filed. If the folder already exists, the folder name will appear. Click on the folder name to save. You can scroll down to find the folder if you know what it is. If the folder does not exist already, after you key in the new folder name, (Create Folder) will appear next to the name. Click it to create the folder. The next screen will ask if you want to create the folder under a parent folder. At that time, you can choose a parent folder by clicking the down arrow or just click create to create the folder without a parent folder.

Training Emails

Emails from Gmail team, Insightly, Freshbooks, Hootsuite, Zapier, Wufoo, and G Suites, will have information on how to use the application. Always review those emails and study any useful information included. After reviewing the email, always save to the folder associated with that application. There will be emails from representatives such as Mackenzie Logan with that offer free SEO tools and training. Always review those emails, bring them to the attention of the president or appropriate person for any recommended action, then file the email in the appropriate folder.

Billing Emails

Emails from Insightly, Freshbooks, Hootsuite, Zapier, Wufoo, and G Suites will send billing emails. Print the invoice on the email or go to the link to view the invoice if it is not in the email and print the invoice. File the hard copy invoice and file, then save the email in the appropriate email folder. These emails should be found on the account.

Review Later

Some emails, such as emails from HubSpot, send more emails than you might be able to review when going through the daily review process. For those emails, file them in the Review Later folder without review.


Emails from known associates should be reviewed to make a determination of any necessary action and notification should be given to the appropriate person. Notification should be made via Insightly todo for the appropriate team member. Make any necessary associate updates to Insightly. File the email in the appropriate email folder. Upworks is a website where freelancers can be invited to participate in a C&A client project. Emails from Upworks will be either an Upworks promotion or a response to an invitation to participate in a project. Review promotion emails to determine if there are any benefits offered to C&A. If there is nothing of benefit, delete the email. Review invitation responses for qualified freelancers. Discard all emails that don’t include a freelancer with a 100% rating. File emails in the Upworks folder where there is at least one 100% rated freelancer.

Leads from Online Forms

Leads from online forms and the C&A website will come on the account. When these emails are received, it should trigger an action to make contact with the person or company in the form. These emails are accompanied by an entry into Insightly CRM.  These emails should be reviewed and filed in the Leads email folder. Go to Insightly to make any necessary updates to the leads.