Social Media Administration (Handbook)

Social Media Administration consists of updating C&A Facebook and LinkedIn. Hootsuite is used on a weekly basis to post articles to both sites. To begin to schedule posts:

  1. Go to the C&A “Main Menu”.
  2. Click on “Social Media Admin”
  3. Click on “Hootsuite”.
  4. Click the down arrow in the upper left most box.
  5. Select C&A LinkedIn and C&A Facebook. Both will show the mouse icon.
  6. Click the personal Facebook icon to delete it from the selection.
  7. The upper left box should show two mice and the number 2.
  8. To schedule posts, click in the box with “@Hootsuite_Help can you help me with” in it.
  9. Go to the Internet source of the link that you want to post and copy the link.
  10. Go back to Hootsuite and paste the link in the “Add a link” box.
  11. Go back to the Internet sight and copy the title of the article you are posting.
  12. Go back to Hootsuite and past the title in the box with ““@Hootsuite_Help can you help me with”
  13. Click “Shrink”
  14. If there is a photo associated with the article, go back to the Internet article and save the photo.
  15. In Hootsuite, hover over the camera icon to determine if a photo needs to be added.
  16. If a message pops up “Replace Image”, an image is provided with the article and there is no need to click the camera icon to add a photo.
  17. If no message pops up, click the camera to find the saved photo to be added to the post.
  18. If you want to send the post now, click “Send Now”.
  19. To schedule the post, click on the calendar icon.
  20. Choose the date and time.
  21. Click “Schedule”
  22. Schedule posts for six days.
  23. Repeat 4 – 21 to schedule the six days of posts.


All scheduled posts for both LinkedIn and Facebook will be listed in Hootsuite.