Administrative Director and avid ambassador for small business. Ms. Chappelle graduated from Ottawa University, now in Overland Park, Kansas with a bachelor’s degree in education. She went on to get a masters and the equivalent to a PhD. in counseling. She spent 30 years in the public school system as a teacher and counselor. She is an exceptional communicator, organizer and researcher. She loves learning and discovering new approaches to new challenges.

Ms. Chappelle is knowledgeable about industry wide trends and is always thinking proactively about how these trends could potentially impact Chappelle & Associates and small businesses.

She is continuously looking for new ways to lend support, and make improvements to benefit Chappelle & Associates as well as knows the critical needs of a particular business sector so that she can contribute to solutions for the small businesses we serve.

She is not only tech-savvy but also well-versed in the company's technology. Ms. Chappelle proactively stays up to date with technology so she can maximize these tools.

Her primary objectives are to manage record keeping, keeping the client relationship management system up to date so that Chappelle & Associates always knows the clients desires and most pressing needs. She manages Chappelle & Associates social media presence as well as acts as liaison to clients and associates.

She adds value in a way that is critical to Chappelle & Associates and our clients success.

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