President, owner and founder, Charles H. Chappelle graduated from Tulsa University, Tulsa, Oklahoma with a bachelor’s degree in marketing in 1976. He went to work for IBM General Systems Division, where he developed his passion for small business and technology. The extensive IBM training provided an education equivalent to masters of business degree.

In 1980 he went to work for General Telephone in data communication. There he worked with medium and large companies to provide leased data lines between decentralized locations. He later was moved back to Tulsa to provide data communication services there.

In 1985 he left General Telephone to go to work for a small company to learn more about personal computers. There he learned to build and modify the different brands of personal computers. The company went out of business because of a dispute with Apple. Later the same year he worked for another small computer company. There he learned to create customized databases.

Later the same year Chappelle & Associates was born. Mr. Chappelle opened an office at 4th and main in downtown Tulsa to passionately pursue providing custom database applications to small businesses. He created a networked system with two personal computers linked to cash drawers for an antique and craft mall to enter the sales, separate the receipts by vendor, print receipts for customers and provide sales reports for each the vendors. There were many other Tulsa small businesses that benefited from the customized databases, but this was the most creative.

In October of 1994, Mr. Chappelle started as sales team manager for Gateway Computers in Kansas City, Missouri. Gateway was somewhat of a startup and needed creative ideas. This opportunity provided the kind of management autonomy that was much like having your own business. Mr. Chappelle saw that some the processes for the sales teams impeded their productivity and efficiency. He developed a survey that all of the sales representatives in each team responded to. He gathered the surveys, analyzed the data and presented his conclusion to the director. The proposal was accepted, implemented and sales increased in Kansas City because of the sales teams increased efficiency.

Mr. Chappelle has always looked at the big picture, most times high above his own pay grade.

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