Update Blog

Updating the blog on the C&A website will be done weekly each Thursday. The process will begin by

Requesting a blog post from a Fiverr freelancer.

Fiverr Request

  1. Searching the Internet for content that will be of interest to small businesses. The content will have its focus on small business efficiency, bookkeeping, technology, training, finance, economics, processes and any subject that enhances the entrepreneur’s knowledge of how to run a business better. The link is to be copied so that it can be pasted into the request for a freelancer’s blog post. After copying the link for the subject matter. Also copy the link in the Drive file “Links Used For Blog Content“ so that the link is not reused.
  2. Go to the Fiverr Make sure that you are logged into the tibuildr account.
  3. Click on Tibuildr.
  4. Click on Dashboard.
  5. On the top left side of the screen, click on View My Favorites.
  6. Scroll down to see the first two video choices. (Bradilly & Brainycontent).
  7. Click on either of the first two videos. The freelancer’s profile will appear.
  8. At the top right side of the page, click on the $5 option.
  9. Click Proceed to order.
  10. Click Single Click Payment.
  11. Scroll down to “type your message here…”
  12. Past the link that you copied from the internet there.
  13. Follow the link with “Please use the contents of this link to create a blog post for my website. Of course, the content must pass the plagiarism test. Thank You, Charles, Jenny etc.”
  14. Click Send
  15. Review the Order Started box to see when the order is expected to be delivered.

Fiverr Response

The freelancer will deliver the response by sending an email to the jenny@chappelleandassociates.com  email address which can be accessed via Google.

  1. Open and review email from the Fiverr freelancer
  2. Inside the email, click on “View Your Order”
  3. Scroll down to Here’s Your Delivery”. In the same box will be a .doc file.
  4. Click on the file to download.
  5. Click on the folder at the bottom of the screen to Go to the Downloads folder
  6. In the Downloads folder, look for the file that was downloaded.
  7. Double Click on the file to open it.
  8. Save the file to "Z:\business\Chappelle & Associates\C&A Website\5 Fiverr Articles"
  9. Review the file for errors and make any necessary corrections

Blog Post Images

Blog post images are chosen and uploaded into the media library. Images will be selected from stock photo websites or actual photos taken specifically for the media library.

Post to C&A Blog

  1. Go to the C&A “Main Menu”.
  2. Click on “Website Admin”.
  3. Click on “Chappelle & Associates WordPress Dashboard”.
  4. Log on with tibuildr@gmail.com, Password: Must4Seed&.
  5. On the left side of the screen, click on “Posts”.
  6. At the top of the screen, click “Add Post”.
  7. Enter the blog title at the top of the page.
  8. Locate the corrected finished blog post on your computer, received from Fiverr
  9. Copy the entire contents of the file
  10. Go back to the C&A website screen.
  11. Paste the copied blog post into the large white space below the title.
  12. To add an image to the blog, click on “Set Featured Image”.
  13. Click on “Media Library” at the top left of the screen.
  14. Locate an image that you want to add to the post.
  15. Click on the image.
  16. Click on “Set Featured Image” at the bottom right of the page.
  17. The image will appear at the bottom right side of the post page.
  18. Scroll up to the “Publish” button and click it to post to the blog.

Post Freelancer Review

  1. After posting article to the blog on the C&A website and tested for plagiarism, go to Fiverr
  2. Click on “Tibuildr” in the top right corner of Fiverr page
  3. Click on “Buying”.
  4. Click on “Manage Orders”
  5. Click on “Delivered”
  6. Click on the finished order
  7. Scroll down to “Order Reviews”
  8. Proceed to rate the job